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Bessie Kay Black Fox Productions

Producer & Presenter

Bessie Kay is a multifaceted TV presenter, producer, and creative director, known for her exceptional talent and vibrant on-screen presence. Currently serving as Integration Producer on Khanh Ong's Wild Food, a captivating culinary series on SBS Food. Bessie plays a vital role in seamlessly blending various elements to create a visually stunning and engaging show produced by Black Fox Productions.


With an illustrious career spanning both in front of and behind the camera, Bessie's journey in the entertainment industry began as a singer and dancer, where she graced the Australian Musical Theatre scene with her captivating performances. From We Will Rock You to Carousel, Sesame Street, and numerous other live productions, Bessie's talent and passion for the arts shone brightly.


As her career evolved, Bessie ventured into choreography and creative direction, honing her skills and captivating audiences in new ways. Her transition from stage productions to television screens was a natural progression, fueled by her insatiable curiosity and love for media and TV presenting. During her time in Los Angeles in 2011, Bessie delved into film and TV training, discovering her true passion and setting her sights on conquering the Australian TV industry.

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Bessie Kay, supporting small business through creative content and TV exposure. Open Homes Australia.

Returning to her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Bessie Kay secured her first established TV presenting role on the well-known TV series Australia's Best Houses, aired on Channel 7. This milestone marked the beginning of her incredible journey in the home media space. Since then, she has become a familiar talent on various major TV networks, including Channel 7, Channel 10 & 10 Peach, Channel 9Life, and Foxtel, SBS Food, including cast and creative for 4 seasons of Open Homes Australia, the highest rating Australian made TV series on 9 Life, captivating audiences with her engaging presence and insightful storytelling.


Driven by her unwavering passion for the creative industry, Bessie Kay continues to make her mark in the world of television, combining her diverse skill set, magnetic personality, and innovative vision to create exceptional content that resonates with audiences. 


With her dedication and talent, she remains a dynamic force in the Australian TV landscape, continuously pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Philosophy. Bessie Kay. Content with a positive impact
Bessie Kay, passionte about creating meaningful change through content viewed on TV and other forms of media.


Bessie Kay's versatility and unique abilities have opened doors of opportunity in multiple industries. Her unwavering passion for creating and exploring new possibilities has captivated audiences, while her creative endeavours have had a profound impact on businesses and society as a whole.

Embodying the true spirit of creativity, Bessie's talent extends beyond the realm of television. She has embarked on a new and exciting direction in her TV career, driven by her deep-seated passion to breathe new life into media viewed on TV screens, social media platforms, and the internet. With a keen eye for innovation and an innate understanding of the power of marketing, Bessie strives to leverage branded marketing dollars to make a positive change in society.

In her pursuit of #MarketingThatMatters, Bessie harnesses her creative prowess and entrepreneurial spirit to uplift and inspire. She understands the potential of media and marketing to shape perceptions, influence behaviors, and drive meaningful change. With every project she undertakes, Bessie aims to use her creativity to help others in business and the world, transcending the boundaries of traditional entertainment and leaving a lasting impact.

Bessie Kay Producer

As a visionary and trailblazer, Bessie Kay has come to embody an inspiring quote that encapsulates her commitment to making a difference: "Creativity is not only about self-expression, but also about using your talents to positively impact others in business and the world. It is through our unique abilities that we have the power to inspire change and create a brighter future." With this mantra as her guiding light, Bessie continues to push boundaries, break new ground, and inspire those around her to embrace the transformative power of creativity.

Her dedication to driving positive change, coupled with her unparalleled creativity, sets Bessie apart as a force to be reckoned with.


Through her unwavering commitment to making a difference and her innovative approach to marketing, Bessie Kay continues to shape the landscape of the media industry and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

With 20 years of experience within TV, production and stage, Bessie has a firm understanding of the link between media, the arts, and advertising, and has a magnetic flair to pull it all together. 

Bessie Kay Producer

Personal Wellness Journey

Bessie is excited to share her recent personal wellness journey with you. In her quest for a fulfilling life, she has embarked on a transformative path, seeking to strengthen her identity, find wholeness, and live an authentic life. Along this empowering journey, Bessie has discovered the profound impact of music, dance and media as vehicles for connection, self-expression and cultivating a joyful mindset. By combining her passion for these art forms, Bessie has found a unique way to connect with others, share her truth and live life in abunDANCE.


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TV Credits

Khanh Ong's Wild Food          SBS Food

Open Homes Australia            9 Life

Luxury Homes Revealed         9 Life

Best Houses Australia             9 Life

Behind The Sash                    10 Peach

Dream Home Ideas                 FOXTEL

Neighbours                             Channel10

Underbelly                              Channel 9

Singing Office                         FOX 8

Rocket TV Live                       Channel10

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